Master Course Platform Case Study wanted to improve their overall return on ad spend. After restructuring active campaigns and launching their first Shopping campaign, a new revenue milestone was met.

8/17/20221 min read

Company Profile: is a World Class Master Course Platform that hosts and creates courses for experts & influencers. In addition to a vast selection of courses, they offer consulting as well as book publishing.

The Challenge:

YWCTW wanted to improve their overall return on ad spend (ROAS) and recognized untapped opportunities for growth amongst their active campaigns and campaign types.

Services We Provided:

Paid Search & Paid Social


When it came to Facebook, Cybertooth began by simplifying the number of bidding strategies, dividing prospecting and retargeting audiences, and reducing the number of active ads. By doing this, the campaigns exited the learning phase, delivered valuable insights, and ultimately became more efficient. Once enough campaign data was collected, we tackled advertising for the multiple sub-brands within YWCTW subdomains. To accomplish this, Cybertooth utilized targeting strategies unique to each brand. These strategies allowed us to discern performance at a more granular level. A similar approach was taken for Google Search; campaigns were reorganized into generic non-branded campaigns and branded course campaigns. Non-brand campaigns were restructured and broken out by offers, while brand campaigns were broken out into core and general. This restructure allowed us to scale campaigns and improve efficiency and keyword mapping.


Cybertooth launched separate brand and non-brand campaigns to gather search term query data. This data was essential for us to understand the ideal structure. After collecting enough data (~2 weeks), we restructured the account into three major segments: generic search terms, branded terms, and branded YWCTW terms. By restructuring the account, we could contain ad spend by increasing (and decreasing) the budget where shopping ads were proving to be most effective.